Bird Sightings


Eagle photos by Julia Mulheren of Olmsted Township. Taken on the Mississippi River in Iowa on Jan 10-11, 2013. She is a member of the Midwest Photography Enthusiasts Group, based in Brunswick. One memorable time 15 eagles were in camera range.

Great year-end video from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, featuring hawks, herons, Snowy Owls and more.

A Red-tailed Hawk nest at Cornell University in New York via webcam. Three eggs were laid in early April 2013 and the last fledging was June 12, 2013. The live webcam viewings have changed peoples' lives. Starts up again end of March 2014!

An Eagle Owl Flying at 1000 Frames per Second Toward a Camera

Birds on the Wire: Converted to Music by J. Agnelli of Brazil

Flying with the Fastest Birds on the Planet: Peregrine Falcon & Gos Hawk--Animal Camera--BBC

Bird Sounds from the Lyre Bird with David Attenborough--BBC